vet surgery reopens

Welcome Back

We’re so pleased to be able to say that all our surgeries are open and are offering a full range of services again.  The last couple of years have been difficult for all of us and it’s such a great feeling to be able to open our surgery doors and welcome you all back in....
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Cat Vaccine Update

In October 2021, following the national shortage of cat vaccines, we had to pause our vaccination programme. We’re happy to report that the situation is now improving and we are getting more vaccines delivered. We still have a significant backlog of cats to vaccinate, so it may take some time for us to get up...
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Rottingdean Closure

After 46 years of having a surgery in the heart of Rottingdean, we have reluctantly decided to close this branch. The on-going Covid crisis has hit the surgery hard, that and an issue with less vets has meant we need to prioritise the services our hospital provides – in-patient and emergency care for urgent cases...
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cat vaccines

Delaying Booster Vaccinations For Cats

You may have seen in the news that there is a national shortage of vaccines for dog and cats. We have now managed to obtain sufficient dog vaccines for the short term, but like most vets, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to postpone booster vaccines for cats until 2022 and prioritise instead the...
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Pausing new registrations

We’ve made the difficult decision to pause the registration of new clients for all of our surgeries. The pandemic has meant that we have waiting lists for many of our services and so staff and the appointments they’re able to offer are being stretched to capacity. We pride ourselves at Coastway Vets on the rigorous...
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Portslade Welcomes Clients Back Inside

Our Portslade surgery is once again welcoming clients who have appointments, back into the surgery. Any clients collecting medication or food will still be asked to wait outside the building and your order will be brought out to you There is a new one way system in place through the building, much like at our...
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Our local delivery driver

Try Our New Delivery Service For Just £3

Introducing Nigel, our new delivery driver who is delivering medications and food locally for the special price of just £3! During the lockdown, Nigel was kind enough to volunteer for us, helping to deliver bloods and samples to various labs and generally helping us keep working smoothly. Although people are now able to move more...
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Abusive Clients

Our staff have had to deal with several abusive clients over the last few days who were unhappy with waiting times or our adapted services and facilities. We won’t tolerate this sort of behaviour, our staff are doing all they can in difficult circumstances to continue to offer care for all pets. Please be understanding...
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Lewes Reopens

Vets Paul and Jeremy are looking forward to welcoming back all our Lewes clients from next Monday the 29th June when we reopen our Lewes surgery. We’ll be open for dog and cat vaccinations, urgent appointments and emergency neutering for pets that are living in groups. Where possible we’ll be offering telephone and video appointments,...
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Cattery Closure

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t just affected the way we provide veterinary care, it has also unfortunately lead to the closure of our Coastway Cattery. The current travel limitations and uncertainties regarding the holiday industry have meant that people are having to rethink vacations for this year and putting travel plans on hold. Because of the...
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