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Seniors Club

As pets get older they become more susceptible to illness. The Coastway Seniors Club is run by our qualified nurses at each of our local surgeries and is specifically designed to monitor the health of the older dog or cat.

Catching my cat’s kidney problems early has extended his life expectancy by years.”

Laura, Rottingdean

Most pets are assessed on a six monthly, or yearly basis depending on their general health. These regular checks mean we are able to catch degenerative health problems, such as kidney disease early and so increase your pet's chances of recovery and potentially save you treatment costs. The health checks include a full physical examination, blood pressure assessment, urine and blood test. These tests then give us a health benchmark for your pet, so that should the results differ at the next health check, we can quickly begin treatment for the identified problem.

Petcare Plan

Our members also get
10% off everything, every time they visit us.

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