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Owner:Martin Spowage
Pet Name:Archie
Category:Best Rescue
Best Staff:Andrea

Reason why…

Archie was originally found on the road side in a carrier bag in Spain, at 6 weeks old, he was borough to the UK and we adopted him when he was 15 weeks. Since joining our family Archie has become an important member. As my spouse is a childminder we were worried how Archie would interact with the visiting children but to our delight Archie is like a human child, he is so gentle with the children allowing them to stroke him and even pull his tail. The parents love him too and helps with their children’s learning, teaching them how to walk and to look after pets with out having their ow. All our minded children love coming and the first thing they do is to say hello to Archie, he is one in a million

Best Staff: Andrea

She was contentious and informative when Archie was neutered.