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Owner:Emma Watters
Pet Name:Ben & Bailey
Category:Best Dog
Best Staff:All at Kemp Town

Reason why…

My furry babes have kept our family going through these two lockdowns and the endless list of restrictions. They have been our constant, always there to lick away our tears, always ready for a cuddle when we need it most and the reason to get us out the house when we couldn’t find the strength in ourselves. Without my furry boys beside me, this year would have been a great deal harder to get through. They have made zoom meetings more entertaining and writing emails more of a challenge too! (Picture for example). 

Best Staff: Paula Harris & Andreas Schemel

At the start of the first lockdown one of my dogs injured his back quite badly. The vets and reception staff were amazing even in these crazy covid times. They kept me informed at every step and helped Bailey feel more comfortable. In the past if Iv had a little tear the lovely ladies at reception have always been there to support with a hug and a tissue (pre covid times) so I think they are all amazing.