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Owner:Tasha Mellins-Cohen
Pet Name:Biscuit
Category:Best Rescue
Best Staff:Christos Papadopoulos

Reason why…

When we adopted Biscuit from the RSPCA we were told she was a nervous cat who would probably never like people and would certainly not be a lap cat. It took a few years but she got used to us and started snuggling up for cuddles on the sofa on occasion. This year, though, she’s come into her own. Since lockdown started she’s spent her days on either our laps or our desks, and her nights curled up by our feet in bed. She’s even become secure enough to play with our other cats instead of watching from the sidelines. It’s great to see such a timid animal become so brave

Best Staff: Christos

Christos looked after all three of our cats this year, and was as unflappable and cheerful during the covid restrictions as he was before.