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Owner:Christine Bohea
Pet Name:Charlie
Category:Best Cat
Best Staff:Catriona

Reason why…

My ancient old boy has been my rock throughout the pandemic. I have no family of my own so he truly is my “family”. As far as he’s concerned lockdown has been heaven on earth! My undivided attention, Dreamies almost on demand, comfy chairs being moved around to follow the sun and more tins of tuna than usual. He is 17 years old now and has had his own worrying health problems this year- it has been a privilege to devote myself to his care in ways I never imagined. Now he follows me everywhere when he isn’t dozing, especially when he hears my voice! I call him my “Voice Activated Cat” and he has successfully photo-bombed many Zoom meetings when he hears me chatting and has become a bit of a hit with people I know. The two of us wouldn’t have become so close had it not been for the pandemic- imagining life without him is heart breaking, but I hope he can be with me for a while longer with the help of the lovely staff at Shoreham Coastway Vets.

Best Staff: Catriona

Charlie is not the easiest cat to handle- very wriggly and very old, but Catriona has always been so kind and taken the time to discuss his care with me.