Owner:Claire Rayner
Pet Name:Coco
Category:Best Rescue
Best Staff:Fran

Reason why…

Coco has been an incredible companion for my husband who had to take early retirement due to ill health. In 2020 the relationship has blossomed as Malcolm had to isolate for much of the initial lockdown period. In September 2020 Coco became unwell and Guy and his team were incredible with advice and treatment. Whilst we took the difficult decision not to put our old rescue dog Coco through various invasive procedures to find out what was wrong – he is continuing to thrive on our love and care.

Best Staff: Fran

Fran understood our concerns with Coco and suggested treatments and gave us the courage to provide him with the TLC to ensure that whilst we appreciate he may be nearing the end of his life, we had not put him through the trauma of investigations.