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two guinea pigs
Owner:Shirley Bass
Pet Name:Daisy and Drew
Category:Best Exotic

Reason why…

My guinea pigs Daisy and Drew are very tame lots of fun and have kept me going through getting Covid 19, being furloughed and being made redundant. I live on my own and when I contracted Covid and my family could not visit me and could only deliver shopping outside my door, the guineas gave me a reason to try and get up and keep going as they needed to be fed and cleaned. During recovery sitting and cuddling and stroking them was very calming and reassuring. Every morning when I get up they are at their cage wanting their morning treat of Blueberries and I chatter away to them, they are great listeners they are non judgemental and they always look interested in what ever I say. Daisy and Drew are also working guinea pigs as I am an Animal Assisted Therapist and use them in the counselling sessions. They have adapted to working through Zoom and have been a great help to my clients, often bringing a smile to even those who are suffering with great anxiety during these difficult times. Please don’t underestimate the rewards a small animal can bring to their owners and to others.

Best Staff: All staff at Lewes

All of the staff at Lewes are kind, patient and always helpful and reassuring. I would not like to nominate just one.