Owner:Sally Miller
Pet Name:Fen
Category:Best Rescue

Reason why…

Fen arrived from Romania last September, after living on the street. She was freaked out by EVERYTHING and would bark and growl and lunge bravely at the terrifying umbrella/child/coat on the floor even though she is a little thing. She wouldn’t eat food from a bowl or your hand but would happily “find” it around the room, she ate stones and soil, liked to perch in high places and shouted non stop.

She gradually started to unwind and is now the cutest, funniest most spoilt little fuzzy monster. She is still noisy but has learnt how to cuddle children and play with other dogs, walk on a lead and accept her harness isn’t a horrible trap. She is clever and knows lots of tricks and games and has kept us all loved and entertained throughout lockdown.

We love her, with her big silly ears and every-direction fur. Our Romanian Shoutysnout.