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Owner:Amy Krasnuik
Pet Name:Freddie
Category:Best Rescue
Best Staff:Jan

Reason why…

When we first got Freddie at the beginning of the year he was such a state. He had been kept in stables, very little human contact and in appalling conditions. His fur was so matted that it took a groomer almost 3 hours to clean him up. His little paws were so clogged with faeces and urine that they were bleeding. He was underweight and very wary of us.
Despite all of this, he learned to trust us. This will be his first Christmas, inside a home, where he is loved I suspect.

Best Staff: Irina

Jan is amazing! Always a smile and such a warm welcome. She takes time to make a fuss of our dogs and our youngest daughter. Whilst we take the dogs in to see the vet, our daughter stays with jan, they do colouring and chat. Jan goes over and above for everyone. She deserves an award.