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Owner:Sam Stokes
Pet Name:Gavin
Category:Best Cat
Best Staff:Lesley

Reason why…

Gavin is our handsome 3 year old ginger fluff ball. He’s been by our side throughout lockdown and puts a smile on our faces every single day. On his 3rd birthday in September he went missing for 3 days. It was the most awful time for everyone. His best friend, and next door neighbours cat, pippin, had gone missing 2 days prior. It turned out pippin had got stuck in a house having renovations behind our garden. Gavin found pippin and stayed by his side until they were both rescued. He is the most loyal cat and best friend and we love him dearly, even if he is currently wrecking the Christmas tree!

Best Staff: Lesley

Very helpful and kind when Gavin went missing.