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Owner: Rhonda Backwell
Pet Name:Lilly
Category:Best Dog
Best Staff:Guy & Sarah

Reason why…

Walking along the road to work with Lilly takes forever because she wants to sniff every tree and say hello to EVERYONE. Usually I would say that this can be really annoying but this year its been the most special thing ever. In a time when we are not having much human contact it feels that our animals have sensed how lonely people are. Lilly greets everyone as if they are her oldest most treasured friends, whether they are walking behind us or towards us Lilly wants to say hello and give them love. Getting comments like ‘she has made my day’ or ‘Oh I needed a cuddle’ makes me feel really proud and that’s just the love she gives to complete strangers! Lilly comes to work every day. As a manufacturer we had no option of working from home, its been stressful for the whole team trying to operate during the pandemic but when you have a four legged team member poking a ball in the side of your leg and waiting for strokes it just reminds you that things are more normal than you think.

Lilly loves everyone, she sees ALL humans as creatures that NEED her love and this year I think she has been right.

Best Staff: Guy & Sarah

I know I have gone for two people instead of one but in my book they are joint first.

Guy knows everyone by name; animals and owners. You can tell he cares but not just in a fluffy way, he is straight talking and explains everything simply so you know what’s what. When things are going wrong for your animal he is definitely the person you trust to have the right knowledge to do the best – he is the go to ‘guy’!

Sarah clearly loves animals and they love her! She isn’t your standard gate keeper receptionist she is someone that you know will do her best to get the appointment or to sort things out, she exudes kindness and that’s exactly what you need when you are calling or going in with your pet, she is a credit to Coastway.