Owner:Karen Oliver
Pet Name:Lucy
Category:Best Rescue

Reason why…

Lucy is our little “accident”. We had rescued another dog a year earlier and then started to do volunteer work at the Rescue Centre where we adopted her from. One Saturday morning, as part of our volunteer work, we had taken a dog training, as he needed to brush up on a few basic manners before being rehomed. As we dropped him back to the centre, Lucy had just been surrendered by her owner, whose circumstances had changed, meaning they could no longer keep her. She looked such a happy little dog but very confused as to what was happening to her. We weren’t looking for another rescue dog but we knew immediately we couldn’t leave without her!

So Lucy came home with us and within a few hours we realised what a whirlwind a 9 month old working cocker could be! She literally did not sit still for about 3 days and we thought we would never be able to channel all that energy. Within a few days she started to settle, stopped chasing the cats and did occasionally rest.

Over the coming weeks we realised that Lucy had been very well socialised but definitely needed more training. She may not have had much training or she may have just been playing the typical working cocker “princess” role and trying to rule over us all. So we spent the next two years training her with lots of love, affection and tasty treats and we now have a dog that is still the happiest dog in the world but who has now developed a slightly calmer side too.

In March of this year my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I became one of his carers. I noticed that during our visits his mood was always lifted so much by seeing the dogs; his eyes lit up. Seeing how much pleasure the dogs gave him, I decided to look into Therapy Dogs to see if Lucy could help others in a similar way. I am proud to say a few weeks ago Lucy passed an assessment to be a therapy dog for Therapy Dogs Nationwide. Due to Covid we have not been able to make any visits yet but just as soon as we can we will be visiting Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients and spreading Lucy’s love. We rescued Lucy and now she will hopefully be rescuing others.