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Owner:Gary Weston
Pet Name:Marley
Category:Best Dog
Best Staff:Andreus Schemel

Reason why…

Affenpinschers are the Monkey Dog. When I lost my Affenpinscher Monkey Hetty in 2019, I was left with a massive gaping hole in my heart and in my life. From a difficult start I brought Hetty home and for 2 years we developed a unique close bond and loving relationship. Affenpinschers are wonderful breed and unfortunately a very rare breed at risk with the KC. Hetty gave us 2 beautiful puppies in February 2019. In May 2019 the puppies found devoted families bringing Affenpinscher lover and fun into their family lives. Just 2 months later in July suddenly Hetty developed a serious digestive problem. Sunday she was enjoying a park walk and 24 hours I lost her. Hetty died… I took a holiday to console myself and consider whether I could bear to have another dog ever again…. and then Marley came into my life. A 9 months old bundle of chunky monkey Affenpinscher. A handsome little bundle of life who managed to heal my wounded heart, turned my life around. Quickly we bonded. Immediately we understood each other. Today and 18 months later we are inseparable. Marley is one of nicest natured dogs you’ll ever meet. In fact he is so nice, I am ready to enrol Marley as a PAT dog(Pets as Therapy dog) to go into care homes and hospitals bringing his cheeky monkeyness into people’s lives.

Best Staff: Andreus Schemel

 Andreus is a renowned expert, KC and Crufts consultant and trusted judge when it comes to Affenpinschers. Andreus was always there for Hetty at the good times, when considering her breeding, expecting her puppies and at her final moments. Now Andreus is there for my Marley and its just wonderful knowing he and his expert knowledge is there for my boy.