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Owner:Zeine Edwards
Pet Name:Mimi
Category:Best Cat
Best Staff:Andreas

Reason why…

My name is Mimi and I am 18 and 3/4 years old. I was rescued with my brother Kit when I was 10 weeks old and have been with my forever family ever since. Lockdown has been difficult and because of my age I have been trying really hard to follow government guidelines by social distancing and not mixing with other households. I only go out when I need to and haven’t been visiting other gardens or inviting my mates over. During the summer I wasn’t feeling too great and I had to visit Andreas, my vet at Telscombe. It was very scary as my mum had to hand me over on the doorstep . Andreas was so kind to me and gave me a haircut as I hadn’t been able to groom myself too well. I’m now feeling so much better. My favourite human is in Australia and I’m hoping that once the borders are open she will be able to come home for a visit and a purry cuddle. If there was a COVID 19 vaccine for cats then I would be first in line.

Best Staff: Andreas

His kindness and common sense approach is second to none and he deserves recognition for all his hard work this year.