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Owner:Ashley Culverhouse
Pet Name:Monty
Category:Best Dog
Best Staff:Jay
Branch:Kemp Town

Reason why…

Monty has spent a lot of time at Coastway since being registered with you 8 or so years ago. With many allergies and skin conditions, body injuries, illness and most recently ligament injury which tore his meniscus, with many sessions of laser therapy, hydrotherapy and many many different pain killers and medicines over the years, Monty has been through the wars and with help from Jay, Christov and all the team, he has recovered as best as possible. Monty has a case of arthritis as well as never being 100% with his liger mint injury but is coping as best as possible. He also is currently on a weight management plan with Jay to get him to the best weight as he did gain a little bit of lockdown weight when we were unable to see Jay for a period of time.

Best Staff: Jay

Brilliant professional! He has dealt with a huge amount of Montys checks over the years and have always appreciated his advice, knowledge and care for Monty.