Owner:Emilie Linnard
Pet Name:Mop
Category:Best Rescue
Best Staff:Irina

Reason why…

Mop is special for a million different reasons. She’s funny, and loving, and beautiful and patient. We rescued her 7 years ago when she was 6 months old. She’d been neglected and abused and was in a terrible state when she came to us, but she’s never been anything other than kind and trusting with all she meets. Our 3 year old son has special needs, and she’s so protective and patient of him. I work for the NHS at the hospital and during COVID she’s been my best friend, my therapy and one of the best things in my life. We may have rescued her to start with, but she’s rescued us right back, and I would be lost without her – we all would.

Best Staff: Irina

It’s really lovely and heartening to find someone who has so much genuine affection for animals – Mop has seen Irina a few times now, and thinks she brilliant, and so do we 🙂