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Owner:Barbara Johnson
Pet Name:Reggie
Category:Best Dog
Best Staff:Jan

Reason why…

My boy Reggie, saved my life after I fell down the flight of stairs at home, I was knocked unconscious and bleeding profusely from a nasty head wound , Reggie went up the stairs to where I had a lodger staying he kept barking apparently like he’s never barked before and pounding the bedroom door! To which lodger woke came to see what Reggie was barking and creating for and found me at bottom of my stairs as I say unconscious and bleeding by this time my neighbours also heard my dog barking and were on there way too mine , Reggie was put in kitchen as he was going nuts about the situation, I had to have CPR a tube in my throat and rushed to hospital, IF IT WAS NOT FOR REGGIE I WOULD NOT BE WRITING THIS – HE SAVED MY LIFE

Best Staff: Jan

Jan is so friendly and helpful a pleasure to visit the surgery, a very comforting lady.