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Owner:Sam Taylor
Pet Name:Rupert Taylor
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Best Staff:Harriet

Reason why…

My dog Rupert. He’s a Havenesse and 14 months old. Rupert is definitely one of a kind, like no other, he’s unique. You’ll never meet another dog with such a heart of gold like Rupert. Before getting him, a year ago, I’ve never heard of a Havenesse breed but as soon as I saw him, to pick him up it was love at first sight. I’m a 33 year old male and wheelchair user, living with my live-in carer in Seaford. I had always grown up with dogs, when I moved out from my parents in April 2019, there was something missing in my home, a furry friend.

Rupert is super intelligent, he’s always there for you, he knows exactly what mood you’re in and picks up on your emotions. My dad passed away this month, he saw me upset and immediately wanted to give me a cuddle on my knee. When I visited my mum’s bungalow, with Rupert, he saw that my mum was extremely upset and again, he wanted to comfort her.

He can do many tricks and entertained me and my live-in carer all throughout lockdown. You only need to show him a trick a few times and he’ll pick it up in no time. We set up an agility course in my back garden for him, which he can perform. I’ve trained him to walk, on the lead, nicely beside my wheelchair. I have always wanted to walk a dog on my own, in my wheelchair. My dog Rupert knew exactly how to behave and walk besides the chair.

A few months ago he became extremely ill with Gastroenteritis, with severe dehydration. My live-in carer rushed him to Coastway Vets at 2am in the morning. It was such a worrying time as we didn’t think he would pull through. The staff at Coastway Vets were incredible. They fell in love with Rupert, every time I rang up for an update the veterinarians kept say that he just wants to play when he was recovering. He also kept rolling on his back, with his legs in the air for a belly tickle. My bungalow didn’t feel the same without his mischievous self running around, stealing my socks or throwing his toys around. It was a hard couple of days. Rupert recovered very quickly and within a few days he returned home. Harriett was the nurse who looked after Rupert.

There is never a dull moment in my home with my furry son around. He has been the centre of our entertainment throughout lockdown. He goes off in his huffs and has temper tantrums sometimes and when he wants something, a toy that he can’t reach or one of his chew sticks, he stands up on his back legs and claps his front paws together. When he has a bath, he takes the huff and sit in his bed, with his face to the wall and ignores you for a while until he gets out of his huff.

My carer is from Newcastle, she has a very strong Geordie accent, there’s certain Geordie slang words that he understands. For example, if you say to Rupert, ‘Go for a tab’, meaning cigarette, he would go to the back door and wait to go for a pee. He’s a southern dog but he’ll only understand the Geordie language. If you say ‘Go for Tart-tars’ he’ll wait by the front door for a walk.

I definitely have never seen a dog to do these things ever before, he’s so unique. If any dog deserves this award, it would be Rupert Taylor.

Best Staff: Harriet

The veterinarian, Harriet, who looked after Rupert during his time at Coastways, Brighton, deserves this award for the time she spent with him whilst he was being nursed back to health. She told us over the phone how she took the time playing with Rupert, during his time there. Harriet gave us a very in-depth description of Rupert’s condition everyday. I felt he was in extremely safe hands with her and I hand full trust that she would do everything she could to make him feel comfortable. It was as very reassuring, with the in-depth detail of his current condition and his progress. I knew he was in the safest hands possible with Harriet at Coastway Vets Brighton.