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Owner:Rosie Williams
Pet Name:Scrumpy
Category:Best Rescue
Best Staff:Paul Lawrence

Reason why…

Scrumpy started life on the streets of Zante and we rescued her when she was 6 months old and brought her to Brighton. She was the most frightened and nervous creature I had ever set eyes on, and it took us over 6 months just to get her to willingly leave the front door with us. 5 years later, endless training, every calming product on the market and a house move to a quieter area, Scrumpy finally relaxed and began sleeping off 5 years of anxiety.

In 2020, just after lockdown began, a recurring ear infection came back with a vengeance. Scrumpy stayed in her bed most of the day, only coming out for the toilet and food twice a day. Her infection had got so bad it had perforated her ear drum and she was not only in pain but clearly feeling pretty depressed too.

Coastway vets Lewes to the rescue, we have been working together to find the medication that works for Scrumpy and within a few weeks, she got her newly-discovered spark for life back and started sitting with us in the evenings again and asking for a belly rub.

She has even spent the year adapting to and learning to adore our 18 month old toddler – not an easy task for a nervous dog – but her patience and loving nature has shone through and she offers endless kisses for her friend. Anyone receiving a kiss from Scrumpy does so only with a hard-earned trust and privilege!

I am proud of Scrumpy for coming as far as she has and for battling all of the pain of 2020, with the intense levels of anxiety she feels whenever things are not quite as she expected. She is loving, patient and loyal, and she deserves some recognition – something she normally cowers away from.


Best Staff: Paul Lawrence

Paul has been the vet that Scrumpy has always needed. For the first time, we feel seen and understood. Scrumpy is so nervous and going to the vet is more than an ordeal. She won’t sit still, she’s near impossible to examine without sedation. I rang Lewes vets and explained this on the phone, and was told we had to have a consultation regardless, and I felt deflated again.

We arrived in the car park, I attempted to show Paul Scrumpy’s ear but he stopped me and said he had seen her suffer enough – it was time to sedate her. It was music to my ears. Paul did as many tests as he could to Scrumpy whilst she was sedated to avoid having to bring her back in under stress any time soon. He has been mindful of her anxiety with every suggestion he has made, and has consulted with me over the telephone to avoid any unnecessary stress for her.

He offers the personal service to me and Scrumpy that I would wish for from a vet, and its not something you come by easily in a medical setting these days. We have found a vet for life and as a result, Scrumpy is on the mend (happily from her bed!)