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Owner:Glenda Boddington
Pet Name:Sophie
Category:Best Dog
Best Staff:Andreas

Reason why…

Sophie is a rescue Jack Russell terrier cross who is about 13 years old. I have had her for 6 years and she and I are sole companions during the pandemic. She is always at my side in the house unless snoozing. She greets me each morning full of the joys of spring with a lovely tail wag, she sits by my chair when I have a Zoom Italian lesson and likes to know where about I am in the house or garden. She is bright enough to know when her tablets are about to be given and runs and hides! When we go to bed she goes on my side but moves to hers immediately I get in.

Best Staff: Andrew

I am very grateful to Andreas for his kindness and professionalism shown to her, he has helped keep her healthy despite her several problems. Thank you!