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Owner:Sarah Akehurst
Pet Name:Stella
Category:Best Rescue
Best Staff:Denise

Reason why…

When we rescued Stella who was found in the street she turned out to be pregnant and Coastway helped us deliver her puppies. She was an excellent mum even though she was scared and unsure and didn’t know us at all.

After the puppies left we got to know Stella and took a while for all of her lovely quirky crazy loving behaviours to come out and for her to relax but even from the beginning she was always there for me with my anxiety.

Every time I felt sad or was struggling with my mental health she was there by my side, she would push herself on to me as much as she could to keep me feeling safe and if I cried she would always want to clean up my tears.

This autumn I had an accident and got concussion, it’s been a scary and difficult time and she has been with me the whole way, lying with me for days at a time on the bed when I couldn’t do anything; being right there next to my face at night when I couldn’t sleep and if was panicking she just came and put her whole weight on me as if to cuddle me and tell me it was ok. I’m still recovering and she’s still here with me every day. She’s my rock and my safety blanket and we can’t imagine life without her.

My partner suffers from combat related PTSD and when he has a bad day, she will lick his entire head, making sure he’s ok and that he feels alright – she’s one in a million and although we rescued us, she rescued us right back every day.

Best Staff: Denise

Denise has always been so cheerful and welcoming since our very first visit.