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Owner:Nigel and Debbie Lambert
Pet Name:Lilly
Category:Best Dog
Best Staff:All the staff

Reason why…

Our saluki was rescued two years ago.

We foster three young people through East Sussex Council supported Lodgings. Aged 16-19.
During both lockdown periods tilly has been a lifeline. Our three lads have constantly taken her for long walks giving her additional exercise and them. Played constantly with her in the garden. Cuddles and love all round. She comforts them giving them an outlet from the tedium of lockdown. Daily she receives so much affection from all our young people in care. The fun she gives them is second to none. Having tilly around with our supported Lodgings young people has made tilly our dog of the year in our eyes. Our young people struggle enough with the situation they find themselves in and our tilly is the motivation and love they need.

Lilly loves everyone, she sees ALL humans as creatures that NEED her love and this year I think she has been right.

Best Staff: All

Every one is a star!