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Owner:Ginny Critcher
Pet Name:Valentino
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Reason why…

Meet Valentino – he’s our lively 3-year-old feline friend. Full of enthusiasm and energy his favourite games are: chasing his human companions, grandmother’s footsteps, duvet pounce and catch. He loves company and will happily play all day with you if you can keep up. He has the most expressive eyes and communicates his needs very efficiently – cuddle, play, food, open the door, turn the tap on, to name a few.

This year my mum came to live with us so we could look after her. My mum had never had a pet before Valentino and was a little doubtful about cats – however, Valentino charmed her, curling up on the bed with her and providing that undemanding company that a sleeping cat can. She looked forward to Valentino’s visits every morning as he did his morning rounds of the house. Valentino particularly enjoyed mealtimes with her as mum would give him a very satisfying number of titbits. In April mum was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer; adding to the stress of this diagnosis pandemic restrictions meant mum couldn’t see her friends and extended family; Valentino became a much-needed companion to her and his antics always made her smile throughout her illness. My lovely mum died in November and we miss her so much as does Valentino. We loved our cat before this year and having seen the comfort he gave my mum in her last few months we appreciate and admire him all the more – he is a truly fabulous cat.