Cardiology Clinic

The Cardiology Clinic is held at our main branch in Kemp Town and is run by Dr Andreas Schemel MRCVS. Andreas holds a PhD in Small Animal Cardiology and he joined the Coastway team in 2002.

Heart disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in dogs and cats. Often associated with elderly dogs and cats there are also some specific conditions that can affect younger animals. In the last few decades the knowledge of heart disease and its diagnostic possibilities and treatment options have dramatically increased. Even more than with other diseases the early detection of a potential heart problem is of vital importance and cannot only improve the quality of life but often considerably prolong the life span of affected animals. At an early stage animals often do not show any symptoms. More often than not a potential problem is picked up at a routine visit to the vet and many owners are surprised about the finding of a heart murmur or rhythm disturbance.

Many of these dogs and cats benefit from a thorough “cardiology work-up” – to investigate the cause of the changes and give a risk assessment for the future health of the animal. A clear diagnosis of the condition is also necessary to work out an appropriate treatment plan. The treatment of heart disease often involves a combination of drugs given at certain times and can sometimes vary. Therefore it is important that each pet gets individually designed treatment and is monitored on a regular basis.

In the cardiology clinics additional diagnostic techniques such as radiography [X- rays], electrocardiography [ecg] and ultrasonography are available and may be used to aid diagnosis. None of these methods are painful nor invasive and patients normally do not need any form of sedation or anaesthesia. The initial consultation takes about 20-30 minutes and if further investigations are required the patients usually stay in the hospital just for a couple of hours.

The initial consultation takes about 20-25 minutes. For further investigations the animals usually stay at the hospital for a couple of hours and most cardiac patients are back at home around lunch-time.

Appointments can be made either via your usual vet, or by calling the surgery on 01273 692257.

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