Dermatology Clinic

The Coastway Dermatology Clinic is based at Kemp Town and is headed by Charlie Walker BVetMed CertVD. Charlie qualified as a dermatologist in 1999 when he was awarded the postgraduate Certificate in Veterinary Dermatology by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dermatology advances

Skin (and ear) disease represents a major component of the small animal practice workload and forms one of the most common, frustrating and challenging areas of clinical companion animal work. There are continuous advances in veterinary dermatology including improved understanding of underlying disease processes, recognition of new diseases, advanced diagnostic techniques and innovative treatments of both established, common and newly emerging, exotic diseases. As a dermatologist it’s essential to keep up to date on the ever expanding and changing field of treatment around the world in order to bring ‘cutting edge’ knowledge into our consulting rooms.

With the addition of a certified dermatologist to the Coastway team we are able to provide a much better service for our clients. Charlie is able to give advice on a day-to-day basis to the other associates on individual cases and to work with them to improve recognition, diagnosis and management of dermatology cases. He also offers an internal referral service as well as accepting external referrals from neighbouring practices in the South East of England. His is the first permanent veterinary dermatology service in East Sussex.

The consultation process

The initial consultations are up to ninety minutes long with follow-up consultations of thirty to forty-five minutes. Before these consultations Charlie gathers and collates the historical information on the course of the skin problem to date. The consultations involve an extended discussion plus full clinical and dermatological examination. Some tests are performed during the consultation and other samples may be taken for further analysis at external laboratories. Intradermal testing, with intravenous fluorescein disclosure (and/or serological testing) is undertaken for atopic animals. Advice sheets detailing further treatment plans are provided and case discussions with the referring veterinary surgeon take place. A full summary report is also produced for the referring vet, usually within 24 hours.

Treatment will be:

  • Evidence based, whenever possible
  • Tailored for each individual patient
  • Fully explained

To make an appointment at our dermatology clinic, call 01273 692257.

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