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Expert care

Exotic pets require specialist care and expertise, which our experienced team of vets and nurses can help provide. They have knowledge of caring for all types of exotic pets, from reptiles to raptors and everything in between. If you’re new to exotics, during consultations they can also offer help and advice on your particular pet, to ensure you give it the diet and habitat it needs to thrive. Celine Le Rochais heads our exotics team, she also provides expert care for the RSPCA’s Reptile Rescue and oversees the treatment of injured wildlife at our veterinary hospital. 

Most exotics need to be kept in environments as similar to that of their natural habitat as possible. You may need to buy heated vivariums, source natural materials for climbing or burrowing, manage the humidity of its habitat and provide live food. This can be expensive and time consuming, which is why some exotic pets aren’t recommended for beginners. If you’re new to exotics, give us a call first.

Exotic pets that need to be hospitalised with us benefit from separate quiet wards away from cats and dogs. We also have warm wards with vivariums for our reptiles in-patients to give them the best chance of recovery. Our staff monitor all our in-patients throughout the night to check on their progress.

Céline’s 45 minute feather plucking service is great value for money. She can also do beak and nail trimming too."

Kim, Henfield


Our exotics vets are often called on to care for sick or injured wildlife. Seagulls and foxes are the most common wildlife seen in the surgery, but we’ve cared for badgers, hedgehogs and Peregrin Falcons too. We work closely with several local rescue organisations including Sompting Wildlife Rescue, which is run by Gayle Foggon, Coastway Shoreham’s senior nurse and Seahaven Wildlife Rescue. Our aim, wherever possible, is to treat, rehabilitate and eventually release animals back to the wild.

Exotics care sheets and useful links

We’ve produced a handful of care sheets on the most common exotic pets we see.

Contact us

If you have any additional questions for our exotics team, you can call them on:

Brighton: 01273 692257

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