Routine care


Pet vaccinations, neutering and more

As well as caring for your pet when they are ill, we also provide a range of routine healthcare services to help keep your pet in the best of health. These include, health checks which are especially important for puppies and kittens, as are their vaccinations. We recommend neutering for all family pets to prevent unwanted pregnancies and other health problems later in life. Parasite control is essential for pets too, as is regular worming. We also offer nail clipping and microchipping.

Caring for puppies and kittens

If you’ve just got a kitten or puppy, we provide a health check service which monitors your new pet’s development and outlines the essential care, like vaccinations and parasite control that they’ll need. Checking your new pet regularly will ensure that any problems are picked up quickly. We recommend our Puppy Life Skills classes for young dogs too, the carefully structured sessions help socialise your puppy, give advice on diet and behaviour, while also being lots of fun.

Lifetime care – vaccinations and parasite control

We recommend annual vaccinations for all pets. This helps protect them against common, serious and life threatening diseases. All pets are given a health check during their annual appointment, which includes listening to their heart, checking their mouth, eyes, ears, abdomen and lymph nodes.

Parasite control is also essential for pets, this includes treating them regularly for fleas, ticks and worms. These parasites aren’t just an inconvenience for your pet, they can cause pain, discomfort and major health problems too. A simple spot on treatment, or chewable tablet is all that’s needed to treat your pet regularly throughout the year for these and other parasites.

Neutering cats, dogs and rabbits

Unless you intend to breed from your pet, we recommend neutering, especially for cats, dogs and rabbits. Neutering doesn’t just prevent unwanted pregnancies, it can also prevent certain cancers and life threatening conditions later in life. If you have a puppy, speak to your vet about when they would recommend they are spayed or castrated. We usually recommend that larger breed bitches are spayed later than smaller breeds, your vet will be able to advise you when they examine your pet. Cats can be neutered earlier than dogs, usually from 12 weeks of age.

Male rabbits can be neutered as soon as their testicles descend, from around 10 weeks, while female rabbits need to be sexually mature which usually happens from 4-6 months.

Chips and clips

All dogs must now be microchipped by law, but we also recommend that owners also microchip their cats to help with reuniting them should they stray. We can also chip some exotics pets, the larger ones like tortoises and monitor lizards, speak to our exotics team about this. Our team can also provide nail clipping services for exotic pets and can trim beaks too. All our nurses can clip dog and cat claws, so if your pet hates you doing it, let us take care of it for you.