Animal Behavioural Clinic


Understanding behaviour and its causes

Trixie Howard VN DipCABT DipNut heads our behavioural clinic, which is held at our Kemp Town surgery in central Brighton. Trixie has been a veterinary nurse for over 20 years and has been studying canine and feline behaviour since 2005. In 2009 she completed the COAPE advanced diploma in companion animal behaviour and training and is a member of the CAPBT (the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers). In 2010 Trixie also completed the APDT (the Association of Pet Dog Trainers) foundation course.

Animal behaviour problems impact not only on the life of the animal, but on the owner and family too. Pets that are aggressive, can’t cope with being left or who are unpredictable outside of the home create stress for everyone. Our animal behaviour sessions look at the root cause of the behaviour and find ways of helping both pet and owner overcome the problem. Many behavioural and training issues can be discussed and advised on within a consultation in practice, however some problems may need to be assessed within the home environment or outside depending on the nature of the behaviour concerns.

Trixie uses a modern approach to all behaviour and training assessments, based on kind, fair and effective methods. She holds a fundamental belief that animals have emotions and each animal and owner relationship should be assessed on an individual basis, with the aim of enabling the owner a better understanding of their pet’s behaviour, emotions and often inadvertent reinforcing factors.

Trixie also runs puppy life skills and socialisation classes, and offers one to one dog training, canine and feline behaviour consultations.

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