Brighton's first 24 hour vet

Should the worst happen and you need to see a vet urgently, our experienced and highly skilled emergency team are always available and ready to help. Originally the first out of hours clinic in Brighton, our team today is headed by Jenny Hill, our Director of Emergency Medicine.

Jenny’s team is available throughout the night and every weekend and bank holiday of the year. Their calm and efficient manner will help you through the hardest of times and give your pet the best chance for recovery.



Vet Call

24/7 Emergency Vets

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If you’re able, call us before you bring your pet to our emergency service. This allows us to talk though your pet’s case and offer advice prior to an appointment. If after this initial assessment we recommend that you do see a vet, we’ll then talk through costs with you and prepare our veterinary team for your arrival.

As well as following road traffic accidents and obvious injuries, we recommend that you call us if your pet is displaying any of these symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fits
  • Difficulty standing or disorientation
  • Unusually floppy and lethargic
  • Suspected poisoning
  • Blood in vomit or diarrhea

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