Equipped for every eventuality

Providing great veterinary care requires more than experienced and dedicated team. We also continually invest in our facilities to ensure that our vets have access to the best equipment that money can buy. This means that there are never any unnecessary delays in treating your pet and providing the care that it deserves. Our in-house laboratories are able to run diagnostic tests quickly with results usually available immediately, or the same day. Appropriate treatment can then start straight away saving time and speeding your pet’s recovery.

Our Veterinary Hospital

Apart from Woodingdean, which is used for consultations only, all our surgeries have multiple treatment rooms, operating and recovery facilities. Kemp Town, our purpose built 24-hour veterinary hospital features some of the most modern hospitalisation facilities for pet care in Sussex. We have a full dental suite together with imaging equipment, so that we can offer any type of dental procedure. Pets who need to be kept in overnight stay here at our hospital, as well as those needing longer or intensive care. This is also where our ‘warm wards’ are, built specifically for exotic pets should they need to be hospitalised.

Diagnostic imaging
Our Brighton hospital is also fully equipped with a full suite of diagnostic imaging tools, such as Xrays, Ultrasound and endoscopy, and more recently a CT scanner. This precise diagnostic tool offers many benefits, such as improved accuracy in identifying underlying issues, less invasive procedures, fast diagnosis leading to faster recovery times, and informed decision-making.


Our out-of-hours emergency surgery based at Kemp Town, was the first of its kind to be opened in Brighton. It  is open for emergency cases every night of the year, all weekend and every bank holiday. This seamless care means that should the worst happen our veterinary teams are always available and ready to help.

Separating cats and dogs

All our surgeries are bright and welcoming and designed to make your visit calm and relaxing. We offer separate dog and cat waiting areas at most of our surgeries and Brighton even provides separate treatment rooms for cats and smaller, anxious pets. Any kittens visiting us for their first vaccinations will benefit from high shelves for their cat baskets in our Brighton surgery and pheromone diffusers which will help keep them calm. Our Shoreham surgery is an accredited Cat Friendly surgery and its facilities reflect that, as does the gentle handling of its team.

In our smaller village surgeries, we regularly update equipment and refresh the spaces to provide an enjoyable and comfortable service for all our clients.