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Complete pet care

Owning a pet is a wonderful experience and one which our dedicated team are here to help you enjoy fully. Whether you’ve a puppy who needs training, a gecko that’s stopped eating or an elderly cat who’s got mobility problems, our professional teams of vets, nurses and therapists can help. Our nurses also run their own clinics for non-urgent appointments, like nail clipping, microchipping, healthcare and behaviour advice.

Our facilities are specially built to provide all the care that your pet needs and feature the most advanced equipment to do so. With operating theatres at most of our local surgeries, on site laboratories and 24 hour hospitalisation wards, we’ve everything needed to provide the best available pet care.

A lifetime of care

We aim to provide gold standard care for the lifetime of your pet. From its first health checks and vaccinations, emergency services, to providing care for it as it ages, we’ve got services and treatments to care for all family pets. We’ve also vets experienced in all types of animal care, from chinchillas to cats and dogs to beaded dragons, so you can relax in the knowledge that with Coastway Vets, your pet’s getting the best of care.

Most of our referral clinics are based at Kemp Town, Brighton too, these are where our referral vets see complex cases sent to us by regional vets, as well as our own. Specialist appointments can be made here for ophthalmologybehaviour issuesexotic petsorthopaedics and physiotherapy.


Emergency Vet

When your local surgery closes, our emergency vet clinic based at our Brighton Veterinary Hospital opens in Kemp Town. It’s open every night, weekend and bank holiday, providing you with 24 hour access to veterinary care and advice should you need it.


Clinical Services

As animal lovers we understand how traumatic it is when a much loved family pet is ill or injured. That’s why we employ the finest clinicians who dedicate themselves to your pets welfare, doing all they can to keep them safe and well. Our on-site laboratories, specialist equipment and facilities provide the back drop to their knowledge, enabling them to provide all the services needed to care for your pet in every eventuality and throughout their lifetime.


Coastway Exotics

Featured Service

Exotic pets require specialist care and expertise, which our experienced team of vets and nurses can help provide. They have knowledge of caring for all types of exotic pets, from reptiles to raptors and everything in between. If you’re new to exotics, they will be pleased to offer help and advice on your particular pet, to ensure you give it the diet and habitat it needs to thrive.

Care Clubs and Courses

Most of our local surgeries also hold clubs and classes designed to provide help and guidance for new pet owners and for those with specialist, elderly or overweight pets. Our aim is to offer information and practical support for you, so that together we can provide the best possible care and quality of life for your pet.