Laparoscopic Spays


Why we recommend neutering

We recommend that all female dogs are neutered unless you plan on breeding. This prevents unwanted and false pregnancies, ovarian cancer, pyometra (an infection of the womb) and dramatically reduces the risk of mammary cancer.

Rather than opting for the traditional, open surgery where both the womb and ovaries are removed, many owners now choose laparoscopic spays, or lap spays for their pet.

There are several benefits of this newer procedure:

  • It’s a less invasive surgery in which only the ovaries are removed. Because of this there is less tissue damage and handling of internal organs meaning your pet experiences a much lower level of pain following the procedure.
  • There are only two small incisions of up to 1cm, whereas the traditional open procedure’s wound is much larger.
  • The recovery time is usually only 3 days, with one week of recommended lead walking, compared to a 10 day recovery.
  • We can see the whole of the abdominal cavity during surgery rather than the limited view traditional surgery gives us.
  • Any bleeds can be quickly controlled by cauterising.

Lap spays are slightly more expensive as they utilise specialist equipment and specifically trained team. We offer both surgeries at Coastway Vets and your vet will advise you on which is most suitable for your pet. Lap spays are performed at our Brighton veterinary hospital and our knowledgeable team there are available to answer any further queries that you may have. Call 01273 692257 to speak them today.