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Providing regular help and support

As well as taking care of your pets when they are ill, we also offer a range of clubs and courses for you and your pet to help at each stage of their lives. The following Care Clubs are run by our experienced nursing staff from most of our local surgeries, check with your local receptionist for availability, dates and times.

Weight Clinic

Being overweight can cause several major health problems for pets, from illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular complications, to joint pain and lack of mobility. If you have a pet that weighs more than it should, our weekly Weight Clinic will give you regular help and advice to reduce its weight safely. First we give pets a health check to rule out any underlying illness, as several diseases can cause weight gain. Once this has been done we hold regular weigh-ins to monitor your pet’s progress, review their diet and exercise routine and examine any behaviour issues that might be contributing to the problem. Our experienced nurses are also available throughout the week to offer help and advice, they’re only ever a phone call away. Weight Clinics are held at our Kemp Town, Portslade, Shoreham, Telscombe, Rottingdean and Lewes surgeries.

Mobility Club

We see pets with a wide range of mobility problems at our clinics, the most common of which are injuries to ligaments and tendons, and pain from osteoarthritis. As pets age it is common for them to experience joint tenderness from osteoarthritis and with it, suffer from reduced mobility. If your dog has stopped using stairs in the house, it could be a sign that they are in pain. Cats also limit their movement when suffering from osteoarthritis and so might not jump onto a favourite chair, or be as keen to be outside.

Our Mobility Clinic assesses each pet’s individual health and mobility issues to keep them mobile and happy for longer. Pets are usually referred by a vet to our Mobility Clinic where they are treated and assessed regularly. Treatment offered may include: laser therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and medication. If you’re worried about your pet, speak to your vet about a referral.

Seniors Club

Did you know that your cat is considered a senior at the age of 10 and dogs from the age of 8? It’s becoming more common for our family pets to live well past these ages but older pets really do need extra care. Regular health checks for our senior pets can help catch disease early, saving your pet discomfort and potentially, you money. By screening for illness regularly, monitoring their diet, exercise and wellbeing, we can keep our much loved family pets healthy for longer. We screen blood and urine samples at our in-house laboratory for diabetes, liver and kidney disease and other conditions. Regular screening means we can pick up on changes early, giving any necessary treatment the best chance of success.

We also check your pet for signs of dental disease, which is increasingly common the older they get and can cause them a lot of pain. Vaccinations, worming and flea control should be kept up to date in our seniors and diet assessed to manage their weight. Most pets benefit from a less rich diet as they age which we can offer advice on. Call your receptionist and ask for our Seniors Club details to keep your older pet in the best of health.

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